In the search for ancestral spontaneity of the language of nature, Roberto and Claudia Russo draw up a  kitchen free from any reference, in which the purity of taste and simplicity fully perform their expressive powers ...A shared pleasure .....

Why people enjoy the dishes prepared by Claudia and Roberto?

The reason  is in the many reviews that our guests leave in our guestbook, in TripAdvisor and in the various social networks ....

'Because we cook in a "clean way", according to original recipes published in four cookbooks of Roberto  without frying to keep the flavors so as the nature provides them.

Because we cook only our meats to offer to our friends-clients the opportunity to say that ..

  • they had never eaten before a lamb like ours, which is tasteful but free of any aftertaste. For our sheep only grass feed!
  • the taste of our chickens is different from what we buy at the supermarket
  • They reminiscent in our Pork those flavors of when the grandfather slaughtered it at home for the family.

To achieve these results there is a whole work behind the scenes, throughout the year with our (and our employees) careful attention.

The pork is in a large fenced area close to the forest and feeds on acorns and roots, and we understand it while enjoying a ham that our loyal customers define “incredible”. 

Our sheep have an olive grove of 4 hectares fully fenced and our chickens scratch around on the ground with broken corn.

Claudia and Roberto decide every morning the 4-courses menu according to the season and especially according to the wishes of clients.

The Menu starts with our cure meats or with our bruschetta or with our pizzas if it’s bread day. It is then served a first course which is usually a pasta with sauces that enhance garden products such as broccoli in the winter or basil in summer and that is often prepared by hand without forgetting a simple red sauce in the presence of children.

Then a third course with our meats with at least two side dishes according season without neglecting vegetarians and vegans.

It ends with our dessert again with lightness and inducing our customers to write:

"Dinners were delicious, especially the lamb, which I took twice" Daphne and Selene on 02/19/17

"Thanks for the intimate dinner, unique and unrepeatable" Elena and Riccardo 02/18/17

"A heartfelt italian experience with a new found passion for cooking" Laura Campbell 14/10/16

The cost is 38.00 euros per adult. The children up to 12 yo pay half'.

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